Small/Medium shoulder pad with Tounge


Shoulder Pad for Lens & Camera support for small/med tripod like Manfrotto 055XB

Wll work with all Gimbal Heads.

Shoulder pad for use in photos are with a Manfrotto 055XB or similar size to this will work.

This shoulder pad is designed for small/medium Tripods i.e. 11"-15" or 28-38 cm approximately around the top part of the legs when all 3 legs closed, Will also fit any other make of tripods of the above size, the  photo shows a Canon 500 F4 with a Manfrotto 393 head bracket, All Gimbal heads can also be used. 


Material: DPM Camo Waterproof Nylon Camo, Black is a Ripstop material. Foam thickness 1.5 inches firm density. The material is also lined on the reverse.

 The size of the main foam pad is approximately 11.5” x 7”x 1.5” or 29 x 17.5 x 4 cm, the tongue pad size is approximately 10” x 7” or 25 x 17.5 cm the foam pad is all one piece, Weight approximately 260 grams. The Pad itself is held on to one leg of the tripod, by a elasticated strip attached to Velcro. Also a large Velcro pad on the back hold the ends together, there are also 2 cordsone either side of main pad with a cord lock, these can be attached to parts of the head itself.

 This shoulder pad is designed for the small/medium tripods. 

Distance around the 3 legs at the top start from approx. 11"-15"or 28-38 cm, so any size starting from this or larger is fine. As in photos it shows that this shoulder pad can be wrapped around only 2 legs if needed, this is to quickly get the tripod on to the ground to take photos if wildlife suddenly appear, or it can be wrapped around the 3 legs for total support. The tongue can also be doubled up and tucked in when in use when the 3 legs are open, this doubles up at the top of the pad.

I use a Canon 500 F4 myself and this does really work nicely and sits at a good angle for support. Any questions please ask.

Please note: that images are for the purpose of demonstrating the listed item, so the camera and lens are not included in the sale.

Also available in my shop is a shoulder pad for the Larger tripods